Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. - Surface aerators, mixers, biological processes, primary-tertiary cloth media filters and traveling bridge sand filters

Tonka Water Water treatment solutions for groundwater and surface water treatment

JPS Industries - Custom designed and manufactured baffle curtains, lagoon cover systems, detailed lagoon profiling and dive services

CleanTek Water Solutions Fine screens and heat exchangers for primary treatment and sludge conditioning in municipal and industrial applications

Dutchland, Inc. - Circular, rectangular, and elliptical precast post-tensioned concrete tanks as well as custom designed plants for water and wastewater treatment/storage

RITCHIE Environmental Solutions proudly represents these quality manufacturers in Virginia

Aquarius Technologies, LLC - Fine bubble membrane diffusers, coarse bubble diffusers and package treatment plants

FRC Systems - Pretreatment systems for food, manufacturing, and oil & gas industries

ECO2 Oxygen Technologies Super oxygenation systems for odor control and corrosion prevention

Neptune Benson ETS UV - In-line UV systems for recreational water, industrial, and municipal markets

TF Warren Group - Tarsco bolted steel tanks for municipal and industrial applications

Process Water Technologies CSO products and thickening-dewatering screw presses for municipal and industrial sludges

ViTech - Package steel wastewater treatment plants